A downloadable game for Windows

An interactive story about a group of writers: journalists, scientists and novelists. While they struggle with their recent projects, they discover a sinister mystery that might grant redemption.

Supported languages: English and German.


Writers-V1.0.1.rar 93 MB


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Neat stuff, strange but enjoyable. Hope you keep making projects like this and Dinner with an Owl, really admire the uniqueness.

The game wouldn't run any higher than literally a frame or two a second! It was like watching a slideshow? It was unplayable. I don't know why. Anyone else have this problem? I tried changing settings to opengl, directx 9, and 11. Using my integrated card instead of my nvidia card....nothing fixed it. I really wanted to play this, too. Sounds really interesting.

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sorry man i did have the same problem but i just exited the game and opened it again and that work for me but if you do want to know what the game is like a do have a series on my channel you could watch

The ending where amazing loved the game , loved it all annd i hope you enjoy the final video

Thank you for making these videos of my game - I'm glad you liked WRITERS. I sure liked watching you play!

it was really good i loved it thank you for making this game

Part 2 hope you enjoy i am loving it so far

I also made a Review on this game i hope you enjoy

i really enjoyed this, i'm even finished yet and i hope you enjoy the video i made on it

Thank you for the entertaining video. It was fun watching you getting more and more confused.

I hope you continue playing to reveal what's behind all of that. And believe me: It will get even more bizarre...

omg this game is going to be so fun