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Dinner with an Owl is a creepy yet funny point and click adventure. It's about the eccentric, not unconditionally human host Franz Brown and his involuntary guests. Help them to leave the sinister mansion! And brace yourselves for some serious surprises!

Made within two weeks for #AdvJam2017

The game can be played in English or German.

The cool song you hear at a certain point in the game is called Back Cat #13 and it's performed by Sebastien Romero. You can check it out over at newgrounds! You can skip the song ingame by pressing ESC.

The sinister voice acting is done by the great Katrine Sæthren.


Dinner with an Owl ist ein gruselig-lustiges Point and Click Adventure. Darin stehen der exzentrische, nicht unbedingt menschliche Gastgeber Franz Brown und seine unfreiwilligen Gäste im Mittelpunkt des Geschehens. Helft ihnen, das unheimliche Herrenhaus zu verlassen! Und macht Euch auf so einige Überraschungen gefasst...

Das Spiel ist wahlweise auf Deutsch oder Englisch spielbar.


Dinner with an Owl.zip 22 MB


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This is such a beautiful game! I adore the art style, the music, and the creepy atmosphere. The only thing I could say negatively is that I want more of this enticing game.

 I hope to see more of your work in the future (and maybe a continuation?)

Thank you so much for your comment :-)

Now that Dinner With An Owl is already a few years old, it's so cool that it's still played by somebody from time to time.

Regarding a new game: I make games since I was a boring suburban kid and I don't plan to stop. So be sure, there will be something new one day.

Have a nice day!


Glad to see that you gave your atmospherical adventure a new digital home on itch.io, because I think here may be more people that'll appreciate it for what it is: An odd, but fascinating gaming experience. :) The whole thing has such a neat "Twin Peaks" touch, the graphical style is stunning and I love the voice acting as well! Thank you for this. <3 That's why I included your game in our compilation article about the Adventure Jam 2017 as well as in the related showcase video along with two other great games. :)

Best wishes,

Very nice game! I liked the atmosphere, the feeling of being trapped with this odd owl-person. 

This game is so atmospheric and full of mistery, I really like this story. 

Thanks again for making such a beautiful game! I finished my Let's Play a while ago, but it still has left a lasting impact on me! I cannot wait to see what else you create! ♡ ♡ ♡

I can't say it enough: Your videos are pretty cool! Thanks a lot :)

I love the art style and story! I really hope to see more games from you in the near future and I'll be trying your other games as well! :D

Nice stuff, really liked the visuals. 

*Rurr* I gave the game a shot, it looked intriguing, I'm also glad the ending wasn't some predictable 'Forever Limbo~' type of plots :P Had a fun time figuring it out, although as I played I made theories on how 'different endings' could have existed only for it to turn out linear, was a bit of a bummer only in the sense that it feels like this game or games like this would have numerous endings depending on your actions.

This game is... dark horror comedy is all I can say! Felt like we're in purgatory the first time I played the game. I almost thought it the entire game just keeps looping, but eventually I figured it out!